Established in 2000, our law firm focuses on providing legal solutions for International businessmen around the world. We offer an array of legal services ranging from investment visas and immigration to international commercial litigation, with the aim of increasing cash flow and streamlining the operation of your business.

Our practices include: obtaining visas for treaty traders and investors of any treaty country (also known as the "E" visas), and the transfer of international executives to the U.S. (also known as the "L"visa); commercial debt collection and contract litigation; background search of U.S. companies for vendors who must evaluate the credit-risk of potential buyers; negotiate and review contracts on behalf of our clients in international transactions; and, a host of other services relating to international trade.

We believe that free trade promotes prosperity and stability. Therefore, it is our mission to help foreign investors start a new business venture or maintain and protect an existing business in the United States. However, whether you are a new trading company in Los Angeles, or a major supplier from Kuala Lumpur, we can address your legal needs with efficiency and professionalism, so that you may focus your energies on productivity and profits.

We pride ourselves not only on our dedication to the international business community, but also on our ability to foresee problems and find solutions.

Our staff speaks various Asian languages. Please take a moment to peruse our website, and feel free to contact us for any inquiries.